Versetta Stone Installation

Installing Versetta Stone™ Panelized Stone VeneerVersetta Stone Siding

Versetta Stone™ panelized stone veneer is designed for simple installation and lasting performance in interior and exterior applications. Versetta Stone™ panelized stone veneer installs like siding, using a mechanical fastening system so it can be applied in any weather.

Versetta Stone™ panelized stone veneer is designed for application over wood framing, spaced 16 inches on center and covered by a code approved, nailable sheathing product.

Estimating Materials

Net Wall Area - Corner Coverage - Trim Stone Coverage = Flat Panel Area

Flat Panel Area / 2 = Number of flat panels required

Height of corner (in feet) × 12 / 8 = Number of corner panels required

A factor for scrap should be included, and it is suggested you start with 10%. As you become more familiar with the product you will be able to drive this requirement lower. If you are using other accessories they will also account for some of the wall area overage

Installation Instructions and Information

Download detailed installation instructions and information for Versetta Stone products and Trim accessories to help insure proper installation and usage of Broal Stone Siding products.

>Versetta Stone™ Flashing and Construction Details

>Universal Corner Versetta Stone™ Panelized Stone Veneer Installation Instructions