Project Profile – The Windfield

The Windfield

Decorative Exterior Trim

Builder: David Haines, Brookwood Construction and Engineering
Architect: Jack Herr, Jack Herr Design Associates

“We wanted to build green without compromising versatility, durability and quality, while following protective covenants. So, we started with Boral TruExterior® Trim.” - David Haines, owner of BrookWood Construction & Engineers

About the Project

Bridgemore, located near Knoxville, Tennessee, offers luxury homes among 340 acres of pastoral countryside, 135 acres of parks and green space, with views of the Smokey and Cumberland mountains.

David Haines had built Bridgemore’s clubhouse, as well as a few of its multi-million dollar residences. In 2008, Haines, with architect Jack Herr, developed plans for eight distinctive low maintenance, green homes on Hammock Lane, each featuring Boral TruExterior® Trim on the exterior.

Known for big, open floor plans and outdoor living spaces, Haines placed oversized windows in every room, plus sets of doors leading to large verandas. The Windfield would offer a main level master with 13.5-foot ceilings, a second bedroom on the main floor, two more bedrooms upstairs, plus a bonus room and a three-car garage, totaling 4214 square feet.

Excellent Workability

Experienced using Boral TruExterior® Trim since early 2008, Haines applied it as wood replacement for fascia, door trim, window surrounds, corners, frieze boards, rake boards, garage door jambs and other architectural accents.

“We supplied Boral TruExterior® Trim to our installers. They had no problems using the same tools and installing it the way they install exterior wood products.”

The crew installed Boral TruExterior® Trim using traditional woodworking methods and tools they normally use. The crew was able to cut and fasten closer to the edges than with other products—even trimming out arched windows using only a jigsaw.

Exceptional Performance

Haines understood how applying Boral TruExterior® Trim would provide years of superior performance. To insure this, he used high-quality, exterior-grade fasteners that would not rust or corrode.

“Our guys didn’t even adjust their gun pressure when applying it. Material-wise, it was a direct swap.”

Each board arrived ready to paint with a factory applied primer. Boral TruExterior® Trim can be painted either light or dark with no special paint required, unlike many other low maintenance exterior trim products. Because Boral TruExterior® Trim absorbs virtually no moisture, there is no need to prime or paint end cuts or field cuts. 

“With Boral TruExterio Trim, paint goes on smooth and stays on.”

Because Boral TruExterior® Trim is termite resistant and virtually impervious to moisture so it will not rot, or suffer from other moisture related issues such as rotting, cracking, or splitting+, and approved for areas of masonry and ground contact. This allowed Haines and his crew to take the product to grade throughout the project without issue. 

Superior Sustainability

As Haines explained, the fact that Boral TruExterior® Trim is a green product with a high recycled and rapidly renewable content is more significant than ever. Today, the product has a new relevance and attractiveness to customers, further proven by their requests for sustainable building products. 

Boral TruExterior® Trim's Poly-ash structure is manufactured using proprietary polymer chemistry and coal combustion products (ash). Consisting of over 70% recycled or rapidly renewable materials, Boral TruExterior® Trim was ideal for exterior trim applications on The Windfield. Leading the market in sustainability and environmental stewardship, Boral TruExterior® Trim is a leader when it comes to environmental responsiblity in the exterior trim category. After completion, The Windfield, was featured in Knoxville’s 2009 Parade of Homes. 

“After my 35 years in the building industry, I’m extremely satisfied with Boral TruExterior® Trim. Its sustainability, workability and performance offer more than other products. Boral TruExterior® Trim has tremendous potential.”

*Please see Boral TruExterior® Trim Limited Warranty and Product Data Sheet for property test results.