Project Profile – The Pool House

The Pool House in East Hampton

  beautiful pool house with trim detail

Builder: Charlie Bordsen, C. Bordsen Custom Homes

Location: Long Island, New York

"BORAL TRIM is effective. You're saving money and going green, so it's a great concept and a great product to work with."
- Charlie Bordsen, Owner C. Bordsen Custom Homes

About the Project

Located on the easternmost end of Long Island, the luxurious Village of East Hampton, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, encompasses a land area of 70 square miles. As one of the most distinctive areas in New York, homeowners in East Hampton seek to customize their properties with the most up-to-date products and innovative technologies on the market.

As a custom homebuilder and expert carpenterwith more than 30 years of experience, Charlie Bordsen of C. Bordsen Custom Homes, prides himself on staying educated and trying new, value-added products. Like any good carpenter, Bordsen knows there is always room for improvement, so he’s eager to work with new materials.

“In my experience, I’ve found people hesitate to purchase ‘green products’ because they’ve assumed they are more expensive. However, after working with the new BORAL TRIM product, I thought it had comparable workability to PVC products, but at a lower cost.”

Bordsen explained when building a custom home in an upscale community, homeowners want to be educated and have the option to use better-performing, more-sustainable products. He said they’d spend the money in certain areas to use higher quality, low maintenance materials.

Although Bordsen preferred to work with PVC trims, a local lumberyard suggested he consider using BORAL TRIM. Well versed in working with sustainable building materials, he was interested to test BORAL TRIM because of its dimensional stability, workability, and ease of use.

Excellent Workability

BORAL TRIM offers versatility with an authentic woodgrain on one side and a smooth face on the other. The product is installed using standard tools and methods used for traditional trim installations. Unlike fiber cement or wood-based trim products BORAL TRIM is approved for ground and masonry contact, making the transition to working with BORAL TRIM simple and convenient.

“My installers didn’t have any trouble working with the product. The BORAL TRIM took paint very well and it was easy to fill and sand nail holes.”

Although BORAL TRIM works and handles similar to wood-based trim products and performs better than other manmade trim products, BORAL TRIM is pioneering a completely new category of exterior trim. One of the drivers behind BORAL TRIM is the Celceram® technology, which eliminates many performance issues associated with PVC trim, such as the expansion and contraction during periods of temperature change. Since BORAL TRIM remains dimensionally stable, there is no need to use special adhesives or fasteners to prevent joint separation or other issues caused by movement.

Exceptional Performance

BORAL TRIM exceeds the performance of other leading trim products, minimizing issues with installation and easily accepts exterior latex paint of any color, which allows for additional design options.

“After working with BORAL TRIM, I found the material required less maintenance and demonstrated more consistent performance than traditional wood-based trim products.”

Bordsen admits he prefers to work with synthetic materials rather than wood trim products because he can avoid the costlyhassles of wood rot and repairs. Unlike wood products, BORAL TRIM resists moisture issues like splitting, cupping and checking, and is virtually free of termite attacks.

Superior Sustainability

BORAL TRIM’s formula features more than 75 percent recycled and rapidly renewable content. Because it is made using Celceram, a highly refined recovered coal combustion product, that provides unique properties, BORAL TRIM is ideal for exterior applications. Coal combustion products, such as Celceram, are endorsed by the EPA and USGBC for use in construction materials. BORAL TRIM is more than just another sustainable product. It exceeds the performance of other leading trim products, such as fiber cement, PVC and other manmade products.

As a leader in sustainable manufacturing technology, BORAL TRIM is the first exterior trim product to receive the Cradle to Cradle® Certification, which assesses a product’s safety level to humans and the environment. The certification program recognizes BORAL TRIM for using safe materials that can be disassembled and recycled.