Boral TruExterior® Products – FAQ

Is Boral TruExterior® Trim a proven product?

Prior to its introduction, Boral TruExterior® Trim was subjected to rigorous third-party testing and we now have several years of real world field testing to prove its mechanical, physical and thermal properties.

What are ideal applications for Boral TruExterior® Trim?

Boral TruExterior® Trim must never be used in structural or load bearing applications. Boral TruExterior® Trim is an ideal product for exterior trim applications such as soffits, frieze boards, fascia, window and door surrounds, etc.

How do I store Boral TruExterior® Products?

Store Boral TruExterior® Products on a flat, level surface. Keep the boards covered and free from dirt and debris until you are ready to install.

Is Boral TruExterior® Trim available in a smooth surface?

Boral TruExterior® Trim is reversible, with one side smooth and the other featuring a wood grain pattern.

How are Boral TruExterior® Products cleaned?

If Boral TruExterior® Products get dirty, clean using a mild soap and water solution. Pressure washing with a light fan setting also works well, but please note that pressure washers can damage building materials if the pressure is too high.

Can I use standard wood working tools to cut Boral TruExterior® Products?

Standard tools can be used to cut or work with Boral TruExterior® Products, but carbide tipped blades and bits are recommended for longer tool life.

Can Boral TruExterior® Trim be mitered?

Yes, Boral TruExterior® Trim takes a miter cut easily, and unlike many other trim products, fasteners can be nailed or screwed through the miter joint.

Can Boral TruExterior® Siding be installed vertically? 

Yes, Boral TruExterior® Siding Craftsman Collection™ profiles can be installed in a vertical orientation.  Make sure to adhere to local building codes to ensure wind load or other fastening requirements are met. 

Are there any special safety precautions needed when working with Boral TruExterior® Products?

Use the same basic precautions as you would when working with wood. Always wear eye protection and we recommend a dust mask for the small amount of nuisance dust generated when cutting or routing Boral TruExterior® Products.

What type of fasteners can be used with Boral TruExterior® Products?

Use high quality, exterior grade fasteners fit for the conditions of the application. Boral TruExterior® Products can be installed using standard nail guns or screws, and standard trim nails work well.

Do I need to pre-drill Boral TruExterior® Products?

Pre-drilling is not necessary.

Are there any specific fastening instructions?

Fasteners should be placed every 24” or less, and within 2” of the end of a board.

Can Boral TruExterior® Products be used at grade?

Because Boral TruExterior® Products absorb virtually no moisture*, they can be used at grade or in direct contact with masonry.

When installing do I need to leave space for expansion and contraction?

Boral TruExterior® Products are extremely stable during periods of temperature and moisture change* so no special measures are necessary to limit or control movement.

Do I need to use adhesives when installing Boral TruExterior® Products?

No. However, exterior grade acrylic caulk and adhesive may be used to smooth out joints or miters prior to painting.

How are nail holes repaired?

Nail holes can be repaired using a high grade acrylic caulk or wood filler.

Do Boral TruExterior® Products need to be primed?

Boral TruExterior® Products come with a factory-applied primer. Because Boral TruExterior® Products absorb virtually no moisture, ends and field cuts do not need to be primed or sealed.

Are there any special instructions prior to painting?

Make sure the boards are free from dirt and debris, and are dry prior to painting, and be sure to follow your paint manufacturer's guidelines.

What type of paints can be used on Boral TruExterior® Products?

Use any high grade exterior paint of any color. Due to their high level of dimensional stability, there is no need for special paints when painting Boral TruExterior® Products a darker color.

Do Boral TruExterior® Products have a warranty?

Boral TruExterior® Products have a 20 Year Limited Warranty.

How will paint perform on Boral TruExterior® Products as compared to wood?

Because Boral TruExterior® Products are virtually impervious to water and do not cycle moisture*, paint will have improved performance on Boral TruExterior® Products than it will on wood.

How long can Boral TruExterior® Products be on the wall before painting?

Unpainted boards can be on the wall for up to 150 days before painting, but be sure to inspect the board for damage prior to painting.

Do I have to worry about termites?

No, Boral TruExterior® Products are resistant to termite attacks* and are approved for ground contact.

What about mold and mildew?

Boral TruExterior® Products do not support mold or mildew growth* and do not contain a food source for mold or mildew, but mold and mildew can grow via food sources that may be on the surface of Boral TruExterior® Products or virtually any material for that matter.

Can Boral TruExterior® Products be used with other exterior claddings?

Any exterior cladding will be complemented by the addition of Boral TruExterior® Products.

How will Boral TruExterior® Products perform in coastal areas?

Boral TruExterior® Products will achieve the same exceptional level of performance in the harshest of climates and conditions, provided the correct fasteners are used for the specific conditions.

Are Boral TruExterior® Products “Green”?

Boral TruExterior® Products are composed of over 70% recycled content as verified by SCS Global Services, and are Cradle to Cradle™ Certified. 

*Please see Boral TruExterior® Trim and Boral TruExterior™ Siding Limited Warranties and Product Data Sheets for proprietary test results