Boral TileSeal® HT Underlayment

Boral TileSeal® Underlayment is Boral's best roof underlayment. Self-adhered, premium high temp underlayment for tile and metal roofs that is easy to install and provides an extremely strong slip resistant surface for durability and the modified asphalt core seals around nail penetrations, making it the preferred choice of roofers, contractors, architects and builders.


  • Premium self-adhered underlayment for fast, easy installation
  • Suitable under all roofing materials, including metal
  • Superior slip resistant, high strength woven polyester surface
  • Ideal for foam fastening roof tiles
  • Self-seals around mechanical fasteners 
  • UV resistant for up to 6 months exposure
  • Up to 10 tiles per stack when roof loading
  • Stable in low and high temperatures for all climates
  • 30 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

> Boral TileSeal® Brochure
> Boral TileSeal® Installation Guide
> Boral TileSeal® Non-Nailable Concrete Deck Installation Guide
> Boral TileSeal® ICC Approval ESR-1783
> Boral TileSeal® Florida Approval
> Boral TileSeal® Miami Dade Approval
> Boral TileSeal® Warranty
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