Boral TileSeal® 50 HT Underlayment


Boral TileSeal® 50 is a superior self-adhered underlayment for residential and commercial construction that provides a slip resistant surface that is stable under most weather conditions, backed by a 25 year warranty.


    • Durable, self-adhered composite underlayment
    • Withstands the rigors of residential and commercial construction
    • Self-seals around mechanical fasteners
    • Slip resistant and cool working surface
    • Cold temperature adhesion and stable under high heat
    • UV resistant for up to 90 days exposure
    • Thermally stable up to 260° F for metal roofing
    • 25 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

    > Boral TileSeal® 50 Brochure
    > Boral TileSeal® 50 Installation Guide
    > Boral TileSeal® 50 Warranty
    > Boral TileSeal® 50 MSDS Sheet
    > Boral TileSeal® 50 ICC Approval ERS-1783