Arcat 3-Part SpecWizard™

Develop Custom 3-Part Specifications with SpecWizardARCAT SpecWizard

SpecWizard™ is a web-based tool provided by ARCAT®, that allows you to specify Boral Concrete Roofing Products and Roof System Components quickly and accurately in the CSI 3-Part format.

>Boral Roof Tiles Spec Wizard™ - Powered by ARCAT®

Boral Roofing 3-Part Specifications for Clay Tile

Download 3-Part Specifications for Boral Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles here. There are specifications for both 1-Piece S Tile and 2-Piece Mission Tile for your convenience.

>Boral 1-Piece Mission Clay Roof Tile 3-Part Specification

>Boral 2-Piece Mission Clay Roof Tile 3-Part Specification

>Boral Concrete Roof Tile 3-Part Specification