CCP Management

Coal Combustion Product Management

BMT's Utility Services Group assists utilities to minimize CCP disposal and meet environmental requirements cost effectively, while optimizing their marketing revenues. With BMT's nationwide CCP management and marketing reach, you can improve your CCP utilization and increase your net benefit system-wide. BMT offers a three-step process to optimize your net benefit: 

1 - Evaluate Your Needs

We begin with an on-site evaluation of ash management needs and marketing potential, taking into account numerous factors, such as the quality of CCPs, environmental requirements and potential changes, as well as market opportunities for CCPs in various markets applications. 

2 - Optimize On-Site Performance

We provide conceptual design for ash handling systems that includes; turnkey engineering and installation; startup and performance testing; personnel training; and operation and maintenance. In addition, our field service is a valuable asset for utilities. BMT is able to provide ongoing Quality Assurance and timely feedback on operational concerns such as boiler modifications to meet environmental compliance. 

3 - Optimize CCP Utilization and Revenues

We market concrete-grade fly ash and other CCPs through our concrete and construction materials sales organization, allowing you to focus on your core operations. 

On-Site Evaluation and Environmental Management

BMT provides on-site evaluation of products and systems, in order to segregate more CCPs into marketable products, and adjust for ever changing environmental regulations. The Boral Technology Development Group conducts ongoing research to address issues affecting CCP management, by applying various CCP beneficiation technologies including, BMT proprietary FACT technology. 

Transportation and Logistical Infrastructure

BMT's extensive infrastructure of rail and truck transportation, storage facilities and knowledgeable people experienced in CCP distribution and marketing means greater market reach. This allows the shipment of CCPs to more distant markets and sales into a wider range of applications. 

Concrete-Grade Fly Ash

We have developed innovative products such as Boral Micron3™, a refined pozzolan processed from selected fly ash, which is used in High Performance Concrete. With BMT, you have a well-established marketing channel for your concrete-grade fly ash. 

Functional Fillers

Boral Celceram™ is another engineered product, which is marketed into the paint and coatings and polymer systems. It is an example of how the BMT product development effort merges technical knowledge of CCPs and building materials with extensive marketing experience in the building materials industry. As the leading manufacturer of bricks, clay tiles and concrete roof tiles, the BMT organization plays a major role in the industry. Added to that is the experience of Boral Material Technologies in developing and marketing fillers for concrete roof tiles, bricks, concrete blocks and wallboard. It's a dual set of skills: developing effective alternative materials for building applications and knowing how to market them to the industry. BMT's research and development in this area has led to the application of several patents. 

Non-Concrete Applications

In non-concrete markets, BMT is a knowledgeable source for alternative materials utilizing CCPs. BMT maintains a higher proportion of marketing staff within its organization than you'll find in comparable companies, because strong marketing is a big part of what you get when you rely on BMT for your CCP Marketing. Currently, BMT actively markets these branded products: 

Construction Materials 

  • Boral Valulite™ - BMT has marketed this durable lightweight aggregate in concrete block to the construction industry for many years. Our experienced sales representatives work with construction material manufacturers in creating and modifying mix designs to include Valulite™.
  • Boral TileBlend™ - TileBlend™ is a lightweight, durable material for use in concrete roof tiles. This combination of qualities makes TileBlend™ a highly competitive material in a growing market.
  • Boral Brickmate™ - BMT pioneered this material as a non-plastic filler in clay-fired bricks. .
  • Boral Gypsmart™ - Gypsmart™ is a synthetic gypsum resulting from FGD scrubbers. It contains fewer impurities than natural rock gypsum, making it a more desirable raw material for wallboard manufacturers. With it, they can reduce the use and maintenance of rock crushers. Using Gypsmart also conserves natural resources by extending the life of the gypsum mine.
  • Boral Cementic™ - This raw ingredient in the manufacture of cement is an economical alternative to natural material and has the added benefit of retarding cement set time. It gives cement manufacturers more options in controlling their costs and offering more competitive products in their markets.

Soil Materials 

  • Boral DeltaBlack™ - DeltaBlack™ is used in composting and soil amendment mixes to increase moisture retention and help break up and aerate soils.
  • Boral AgAid™ - AgAid™ corrects for calcium and sulfur deficiencies and improves soil structure without pH effects. BMT has identified specific crops that benefit from its use such as potatoes, peanuts and grasses.

Road Materials 

  • Boral RoadMix Base™ - This combination of bottom ash and pelletized high calcium fly ash is produced in a patented process using a MACS® machine. Its stability also makes RoadMix Base very effective in certain fills and beneath construction slabs.
  • Boral Intrix™ - BMT worked with the National Center for Asphalt Technology during rigorous testing of fly ash as filler in Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA). As a result, Intrix meets specifications for pavement design and is now being used in SMA projects. As more state DOT's turn to the use of SMA, the demand for Intrix promises to increase significantly.
  • Boral Durabase™ - Durabase is a product of more than 20 years of BMT experience in using fly ash for roadbed stabilization and waste stabilization projects. These applications require large quantities of stabilizing material. We lend our experience to contractors to help them properly utilize Durabase.
  • Boral MACS-ASH® - This pelletized high calcium fly ash is an alternative to Durabase for roadbed stabilization and waste stabilization projects where dust reduction is of paramount concern.