Meridian Brick

Insignia Series

The glorious Old World structures still seen throughout Southern Europe and England, from Tuscany’s quaint hill towns to London’s bustling Elizabethan era thoroughfares, continue to inspire us hundreds of years later. With our brand new Insignia Series, we’ve reached back across the centuries to resurrect a golden era in architecture – featuring sumptuous colors, textures and motifs that are making a lasting mark in the New World.

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Echoes from the past.

History repeats itself with the introduction of our Insignia Series, offering a centuries-old aesthetic and pedigree.

This latest collection offers a versatile palette of colors whose style, shading and character immediately conjures visions of stately palazzos, lakeside villas and rustic brick homes.

An extension of our popular Gleason Collection, the Insignia Series achieves its well-aged appearance thanks to a special tumbling process – producing unique color and texture variations that result in its signature Old World patina. Despite their timeworn facade, the entire series is made with thoroughly modern production techniques to provide a final result that’s durable, energy efficient and easy to maintain.