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Commercial Bricks

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and innovation makes us a solid source for energy-efficient, durable clay bricks. Our time-tested products provide our customers with beautiful residential and commercial offerings that provide exceptional performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Meridian Brick Commercial Bricks?

Why Choose Meridian Brick Commercial Bricks?


Meridian Brick is ideal for commercial applications with wide acceptance on commercial, institutional and municipal projects. It creates a somewhat formal look in the wall and can be often be used together, either different sizes of the same product or two or three different products which compliment one another, bringing accent bands and patterns to your design.


Meridian Brick is guaranteed for two lifetimes – and will most likely last beyond that. Compare our warranty to any other exterior siding product, and you’ll find that brick truly is the most sensible choice.


Selecting natural materials, such as Meridian Brick products, provides environmental advantages for virtually any building project. Meridian Brick is composed of mineral elements that stand the test of time without harming the environment as they age. Meridian Brick is an ideal choice for architects and builders working to achieve the goals of sustainable design.


Meridian Brick doesn’t require painting. It doesn’t require patching. It won’t blow off the house in a hailstorm. It never fades. It never warps. It doesn’t rot. Termites don’t like it. It can’t be crushed or broken. Your brick walls will look as beautiful fifty years from now as they do today with virtually no effort – or expense -- on your part!


Beauty, low-maintenance, structural integrity, durability. These qualities are important to you – and virtually every other homebuyer as well. That’s why homes sided with brick have a re-sale value that’s 6% higher than comparable homes with other siding products.

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