Sustainable Design

Selecting natural Meridian Brick products provide environmental advantages for virtually any building project. Meridian Brick is composed of mineral elements that stand the test of time without harming the environment as they age. Meridian Brick is an ideal choice for architects and builders working to achieve the goals of sustainable design. Meridian Brick meets the following standards incorporated in the philosophy of sustainable design:

  • Does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or formaldehyde.
  • Is a durable, low-maintenance material.
  • Can be salvaged from existing or demolished buildings for re-use.
  • Does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, or other ozone-depleting substances.
  • Does not contain highly toxic compounds, and the production of brick does not result in highly toxic by-products.
  • Creates very little waste when it is manufactured or recycled.
  • Can be obtained from local resources and manufacturers, which means less energy is consumed to transport materials to the job site.
  • Is completely recyclable, either whole for re-use in new projects, or crushed for roadway sub-base or permanent mulch in landscaping. Brick can also be ground to manufacture new brick.
  • Is made using natural resources.
  • Has low “embodied energy” (the energy required to produce and transport materials).
  • Is biodegradable.