Meridian Brick Overview

When you’re building a new home you can choose from a variety of exterior sidings: vinyl, stucco, cement-based siding and wood composite siding are all easily available. We’re delighted that you’re also considering Meridian Brick. And we’re confident that our bricks will compare most favorably with any other siding product out there. Just consider:

Meridian Brick comes in a variety of rough and smooth textures, in colors that range from nearly white to deep burgundy brown. You can select solid colors, color ranges, bricks that are made to look antique, bricks that are sharp and crisp. Add colored mortars, brick shapes for architectural interest, and pavers to complete the picture. What other siding choice allows you so many ways to make your home truly unique?

  • Durability:
    Meridian Brick is guaranteed for two lifetimes – and will most likely last beyond that. Compare our warranty to any other exterior siding product, and you’ll find that brick truly is the most sensible choice.

  • Low-Maintenance:
    Meridian Brick doesn’t require painting. It doesn’t require patching. It won’t blow off the house in a hailstorm. It never fades. It never warps. It doesn’t rot. Termites don’t like it. It can’t be crushed or broken. Your brick walls will look as beautiful fifty years from now as they do today with virtually no effort – or expense -- on your part!

  • Energy Efficiency:
    Meridian Brick surrounds your home with three inches of ceramic material that’s roughly the density and consistency of stone. You’ll experience virtually no air infiltration, and good insulation from exterior temperature changes. The solidity and integrity of a brick home allows you an unexpected added benefit as well – insulation from street noise and traffic sounds. You’ll truly enjoy peace and quiet in a brick home.

  • Resale Value:
    Beauty, low-maintenance, structural integrity, durability. These qualities are important to you – and virtually every other homebuyer as well. That’s why homes sided with brick have a re-sale value that’s 6% higher than comparable homes with other siding products.

Meridian Brick gives you more possibilities because we give you more choice!

At Meridian Brick, our product development doesn’t stop at making quality bricks, we make the color and texture you ask for. We offer over 150 different colors and textures of brick available and ready to be used for the entire house or to work with other materials such as stone and shake. We have products you just won’t find anywhere else, creating a beautiful antique façade, or our genuine clay pavers with color that will never fade. What’s more, we offer a full line of Meridian Brick Shapes that build architectural detail and add character to your home.

So you see - Boral is more, more choices, more products, more options. Visit a showroom today.

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