Meridian Brick Manufacturing Process

Meridian Brick Brickmaking Process Diagram

This simple process diagram outlines the brick manufacturing process used in making Meridian Brick. From raw materials delivery to final packaging, this diagram illustrates the steps taken to manufacture the beautiful, durable and affordable Meridian Brick. Click on the link below to download a copy of the Meridian Brick manufacturing process diagram.

> Meridian Brick Brickmaking Process Diagram

Boral Brick Manufacturing Process Video

This short video shows Boral's approach to manufacturing that has created a sustainable manufacturing process that ensures Boral Brick will remain the building material of choice.

Brick: Available in Green

Read this informative article from Construction Specifier Magazine that describes the environmentally sustainable Boral manufacturing facility in Terre Haute, Indiana that uses landfill gas to power the Boral Brick manufacturing process.

> Boral Brick: Available in Green