About Boral Bricks

2Boral Bricks are guaranteed for two lifetimes - and will most likely last beyond that.
150 Different styles, sizes, textures and colors of Boral Bricks to choose from
8 Brick homes have an average energy savings of 8% per year (from BIA)

When you’re building a new home you can choose from a variety of exterior sidings: vinyl, stucco, cement-based siding and wood composite siding, but none can match the beauty and long term durability of Boral Brick. Boral Bricks come in a variety of rough and smooth textures, in colors that range from nearly white to deep burgundy brown. You can select solid colors, color ranges, bricks that are made to look antique, bricks that are sharp and crisp. Add colored mortars and brick shapes for architectural interest to complete the picture.